Craig Kirkwood | About

My first camera was an Olympus OM-1, a 35mm, fully-manual SLR which I took with me on my travels through Europe, Africa and Asia in the late 1980s. The pictures I took were terrible O_o and I dropped photography until I discovered digital on a trip to Vietnam in 2003. I bought a tiny Minolta Dimage compact in the airport on the way to Hanoi and was hooked. Again.

These days I use Nikon D4S and D700 bodies with various lenses. I usually carry around a very versatile Nikkor 28 to 300mm zoom which makes up in convenience what it lacks and in optical quality...

From about 1999 to 2012 I ran a digital media training company in Australia, specialising in the entire Adobe product range. I was a certified instructor in Photoshop and also taught Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere as well as photography, video and web design. That was a great training ground for me – kind of like learning it all in reverse...

These days I work freelance from my studio in Cardiff, Wales. I take on all kinds of work but I tend to specialise in festivals, corporate functions and events.

Apart from the work on this site, you can see my exhibitions and current projects on my personal site.

My official bio. In third person. Because that's the way it's done...

For over twelve years, Craig was the Managing Director of Fearless Media, the company he founded as a creative consultancy specialising in digital and creative media education. From 1999 to 2011, Fearless was Australia’s leading Adobe Training Provider with facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane.

Craig has worked as a professional communicator, manager and company director throughout Australia, in London (during Thatcher’s Britain) and in Amsterdam (in the mid 1990s). Prior to that, he held senior positions as an electronic and systems engineer with IBM, National Semiconductor and Roland in Australia and the UK.

He has been a guest lecturer for a number of institutions including the University of Tasmania, the Australian Maritime College, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Film Television and Radio School, with whom he held a management position for six years.

During the 1990s Craig was the founding director of the Flickerfest International Film Festival on Sydney’s Bondi Beach which continues to run today. He has also produced many other events in Sydney and Europe including the ANZAC and BeatPix Music and Film Festivals in Amsterdam, and the Open Publish conference in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Craig was the founding chair of the Social Media Summit (held throughout Australia in 2011), WordPress Live and the Beneath Google Conference. He continues to be active in the film industry as the chair of the International Jury at the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah (2006 and 2010) and more recently a member of the International Jury at the Brussels International Film Festival.

Craig has worked as a professional photographer since 2013 but continues to manage his publishing company Moonlet Ltd and a number of other projects.

He travels extensively, often beyond his means, and spends much of his time processing photographs while watching old movies on television until very late at night...