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A view of Paris chimneys from our apartment in the Latin QuarterThe view from our apartmentSeafood at a stall in the Paris Latin QuarterFootball players play under lights viewed from the Eiffel TowerCity lights from the caged gallery on the Eiffel TowerCamille at the Eiffel TowerShaving brushes on Rue St MichelleA student rides past the Sorbonne in ParisThe great pendulum at Le Pantheon, ParisThe Paris Ferris Wheel from the Eiffel TowerJardin du LuxembourgBig ThinkersA papeterie in the Latin Quarter, Paris...Linus looks out from the gallery of the Eiffel TowerLovelocks on the Pont des ArtsContemplationLinus with Wooden HorseBird FeetSacré CœurLinus at Montmartre