Craig Kirkwood | Using My Photographs

Using My Photographs

  • You’re free to tag and share anything I post to Facebook. Likewise for Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • If you'd like to use the images beyond Facebook such as for your website or other digital media, please download or share them from this site.
  • You can share directly using the social media icons or the Share button.
  • To download images, first select one or more images then click Buy > Choose Product > Downloads. You’ll be prompted to register before purchasing.
  • There’s a small fee for low-resolution, web or social use. You can use this option for posting to your event, product or venue website etc.
  • There are higher fees for larger, higher-resolution images, and higher again for commercial use where the image will be used for paid advertising or to sell or promote a product.
  • There’s a reduced rate for non-profit groups and this extends to bands, small theatre groups, community events etc. Sorry, but this doesn't include pubs, bars or restaurants.
  • If you’d like prints of any image, please order them through the site rather than download and print them yourself.
  • If you'd rather I removed an image because you don't like it or it infringes someones rights etc then please let me know and I'll (usually) comply right away.


  • If you share from within Facebook, crediting happens automatically providing you use the ‘share’ button rather than download and re-post but if you do download and post, please credit (Craig Kirkwood) and link back to my (personal) Facebook page /fearless.craig
  • If you post to an event, product or private website, please credit and link back to my main site:
  • If an image appears in print media such as newspapers, magazines or promotional materials, please simply credit as Photography by Craig Kirkwood.

That's about it. Please get in touch if you'd like professional shots taken of an event, function, venue or happening of any kind. I have experience across a wide-range of situations including corporate functions, product launches, restaurants, hotels, bands, festivals and much more.